Diploma and Master Theses


Analyzing the development of Technological Innovation Systems: The case of lignocellulosic biorefineries


Adoption of traceability tool by supply chain actors in Tayning, Vietnam

An investigation of strategic developments in the agrochemical industry based on the organization‒environment‒strategy‒performance model.

Bridging trends and patents – new ways of validating information for corporate foresight

Ensuring Greater Sustainability Through the Triple Bottom Line Approach: What is the Role of Sustainability in the Business Models of Smart Farming Firms?

Key Enabling Technologies for the Transformation of the "Rheinische Revier" towards Bioeconomy

Strategy vs. Profit – Corporate Venture Capital Objectives of Agrifood Incumbents


Analyzing the development of business ecosystems in the bioeconomy through M&A activities

Analyzing the potential of Science Fiction Prototyping as a research method within the Bioeconomy

Designing scenarios for strategic adaption to bioeconomy developments - Sensing abilities in the case of Pfeifer & Langen

Digital readiness of the bioeconomy

Disruptive technologies in the agri-food value chain: How do established companies react?

Entrepreneurial opportunity recognition in converging knowledge areas - the case of start-up foundation in the agricultural and food sector

Factors influencing the adoption of mobile applications by farmers for data and information management. A case in north-western Germany

How do firms evaluate sustainability-oriented technologies? A multi-stakeholder concept mapping study in industrial biotechnology

Mapping technology opportunities for plant health

Success factors for an effective technology transfer within Biotechnology: The Case of Rhamnolipids

What Business Model Types do we see in Nutrigenomics ?


Categorization of systemic innovation: a meta analysis in the agri-food sector

Consumer evaluation of bio-based packaging: a discrete choice experiment

E-Commerce in the food sector. The influence of entrepreneurial orientation and resource orchestration on the implementation of E-commerce strategies

Entwicklung einer Strategie zur besseren Marktdurchdringung des Fastrac in der Kommunaltechnik anhand von möglichen Geschäftsmodellen

How do agricultural companies build up new competencies?

Investigating the evolutionary concept of the entrepreneurial university: its implementation & perception from university professionals perspective

Key enabling technologies in the bioeconomy: analysing publication, patent and trend database landscapes of emerging technologies and products

The relationship between agricultural credit, sustainability and technology adoption in Cocoa production: The case of post-conflict Colombia

Which factors influence consumers' intention to purchase biobased packaged food products?


Opportunities and challenges of emergence of new value chains in the case of second generation biomass

Perception of bio-based consumer goods: purchase motivation and the contrast between product categories

The energy prosumer: assessing the variability of returns of prosumers and their influence on large producers' risks


A systematic literature review of the models and criteria of business idea evaluation

Drivers and Barriers for SME in the light of entry mode choice into an emerging market. A systematic literature review

ICT as a driver for enhanced B2C information transparency. A systematic literature review in the food industry

Strategic positioning in the era of convergence: How do firms cope with competence gaps?

Systemic innovation along supply chains in the bioeconomy: the case of biofuels

Welche parameter steuern den Markt der Trinknahrungen?


Acceptance of use of endophytes among potential users

Analyzing the technology landscape and potential application fields of carotenoids by applying patent analysis

Food or Drugs? An Empirical Study on the Consumer Perception of Borderline Food Products

Food Waste of Suboptimal Food by Farmers and Retailers –Barriers and Motives for Actions

Konzipierung und Durchführung einer Produktentwicklung für das biologische teesortiment der Eigenmarke "dm Bio"

Successful technology transfer from research to business (S2B) and appropriate business models in the bioeconomy

Technology communication in the agri-food sector: A comparison between food and non-food firms in the communication of their novel technologies

Value Chain-Analyse zu Arzneipflanzen


A comparison of industry convergence and cross-industry innovation – Concepts, drivers, outcomes

Adoption of new tomato packaging in Tanzania: An analysis based on technology acceptance model and theory of planned behavior

Assessing stevia extracts as a novel health ingredient: Factors influencing consumer perception

Comparison of EU Food Standards Using Life Cycle Perspective

Developing Internationalization Strategies for Foreign Markets applied to the German Food Tech

Eine Analyse von Biopolymeren als Eco-Innovations am Beispiel von biobasierten Obst-und Gemüsemehrwegtransportbehältern

Impact of Nutrition and Health Claims Regulation (EC) 1924/2006 on Innovation Activities in the European Food Industry

Involvement and purchasing motives of dietary supplements

Kundenakzeptanz des deutschen Convenience-Marktes - Eine systematische Analyse am Beispiel von REWE to GO Stores in Tankstellen des Mineralölkonzerns BP

Perception of health ingredients: a means end chain approach

The emergence of automatic guidance systems in agriculture: Technology analysis based on patents


Beurteilung der Wettbewerbsfähigkeit von Alternativen zu Nord- u. Südamerikanischem Sojaschrot

Identifying path dependency on the firm level using patents

Innovation Performance Measurement and Value Stream mapping in Value-added Nets