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Institute for Food- and Resource Economics

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Ursula Ploll

M.Sc. Sustainable Development

Doctoral student
Department of Agricultural and Food Market Research
Nussallee 21
D-53115 Bonn, Germany
Tel. +49 (0)228 / 73-5963


Research Areas

  • Stakeholder acceptance of new technology
    • Consumer
    • Producer
  • Focus: biotechnology & bio-stimulants

Research Project

Microbe-induced Resistance to Agricultural Pests: Stakeholder evaluation and acceptance of Microbe-Induced Resistance (MiR) technology and products

Involvement in scientific courses

  • WiSe 2020/2021: Extended Methods of Empirical Research, Quantitative Methods
  • WiSe 2021/2022: Extended Methods of Empirical Research, Quantitative Methods
  • WiSe 2022/2023: Extended Methods of Empirical Research, Quantitative Methods
  • SoSe 2022: Extended Methods of Empirical Research, Qualitative Methods
  • SoSe 2022: Scientific Writing in Agricultural and Food Economics


Award of the Austrian Society of Agricultural Economics 2018 for young researchers for her thesis "Motives of Austrian Vegetarians and Vegans and their Behavioural Expressions".

Presentation award, second place, James Hutton Institute, annual PhD event March 06, 2020


Journal publications (peer reviewed)

Ploll, U., Arato, M., Börner, J. & Hartmann, M. (2022). Sustainable Innovations: A Qualitative Study on Farmers’ Perceptions Driving the Diffusion of Beneficial Soil Microbes in Germany and the UK. Sustainability, 14(10), 5749. doi:10.3390/su14105749

Lee Díaz, A. S., Macheda, D., Saha, H., Ploll, U., Orine, D., & Biere, A. (2021). Tackling the Context-Dependency of Microbial-Induced Resistance. Agronomy, 11(7), 1293. doi:10.3390/agronomy11071293

Ploll, U., Petritz, H. & Stern, T. (2020). A social innovation perspective on dietary transitions: Diffusion of vegetarianism and veganism in Austria. Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions. Vol. 36, pp. 164-176. doi:10.1016/j.eist.2020.07.001

Ploll, U. & Stern, T. (2020). From diet to behaviour: exploring environmental- and animal-conscious behaviour among Austrian vegetarians and vegans. British Food Journal. Ahead-of-print. doi:10.1108/BFJ-06-2019-0418

Stern, T., Ploll, U., Spies, R., Schwarzbauer, P., Hesser, F., & Ranacher, L. (2018). Understanding Perceptions of the Bioeconomy in Austria—An Explorative Case Study. Sustainability, 10(11), 4142. doi:10.3390/su10114142

Contributions to scientific conferences

Ploll, U., Weingarten, N., & Hartmann, M. (2022). Promoting Sustainable Agricultural Innovations – Investigating the Effect of Loss and Gain Framing in Videos. Paper presentation: Sharing Behavioural Economics in Person, Annual Conference. Session E1 – Managing Resources, 10.08.2022.

Ploll, U., Yeh, C.-H., Hüttel, S. & Hartmann, M. (2022). Agricultural innovations on a microscopic scale: investigating determinants of farmers’ intention to try innovations based on soil microbes. Poster presentation: Agricultural & Applied Economics Association Annual Meeting. 01.08.2022.

Ploll, U., Arato, M., & Hartmann, M. (2021). Sustainable innovation processes on the farm level: diffusion among farmers and agricultural stakeholders in Germany and the UK. Paper presentation: International Sustainability Transitions Conference. Track 5 - Organizations and industries in transitions, 06.10.2021.

Ploll, U. (2018). Behavioural Implications of a Vegetarians’ or Vegans’ Motivation. ÖGA Tagungsband 2018, 145-146.

Ploll, U., Petritz, H. & Stern, T. (2018). Diffusion of vegetarian and vegan diets as social innovations: motive dynamics and impacts on environmental- and animal-conscious behaviour. Paper presentation: International Sustainability Transitions Conference. Track 5 “Civil society, culture and social movements”. 13th June 2018 9:00-10:30. Manchester, United Kingdom.

Petritz, H. & Ploll, U. (2016). Vegetarianism and Veganism. Poster presentation at the 26th annual conference of the Austrian Society of Agricultural Economics, 15. September 2016, Vienna, Austria. Shortpaper in the ÖGA Tagungsband 2016, 101.

Supervised theses

  • Effects of socio-demographic characteristics on the consumption of meat substitutes – an analysis focusing on omnivores
  • Determinants of European consumers’ purchase intention for genetically modified foods – a literature analysis based on the theory of planned behaviour
  • Influence of credence attributes in the purchase decision of organic products - assessment based on the Means-End-Chain theory
  • Framing information in videos in the context of agricultural innovations: Effects on societal acceptance




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