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Masterarbeiten zur Vergabe

Diese Themen sind Vorschläge und stehen in der Regel in Zusammenhang mit laufenden Forschungsprojekten.

Weitergehende Informationen finden Sie über die Links bei den Professuren.

These topics are suggestions and are typically related to ongoing research projects.

Further information is available on the chair groups' websites.


Professur für Produktionsökonomik

For details on the topics please go to the ecampus group: Masterarbeiten PE or contact the supervisor.

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Titel Betreuer 
Ecologic and economic benefits of robotics and sensing technologies Prof. Dr. Silke Hüttel 
Estimating climate change impacts on agriculture in Germany using land values Dr. Stefan Seifert 
How did the COVID-19 pandemic impact farmland markets? A case study for eastern Germany Dr. Stefan Seifert 
Locally adapted agri-environmental schemes for the Rheinisches Revier Dr. Reinhard Uehleke 
Strategies to increase consumption of animal friendly products Dr. Reinhard Uehleke 
The interplay of biogas production and crop diversity – A case study for Brandenburg  Lars Isenhardt 


Professur für Wirtschafts- und Agrarpolitik

Titel Betreuer 
An attribute-based approach for analyzing probabilities and determinants of PhenoRob-type technology adoption  Linmei Shang 
Evaluierung der Mittelverteilung und der Verteilungskriterien der Gemeinschaftsaufgabe Agrarstruktur und Küstenschutz  Maria Gerullis 
Variety multiplication and choice in winter wheat – is there a gap between supply and demand?  Maria Gerullis 


Professur für Marktforschung der Agrar- und Ernährungswirtschaft

Titel Betreuer 
Citizens’ perception of precision farming / robots in agriculture  Ursula Ploll 
Consumers acceptance (willingness-to-pay) for bio-based products - an experimental auction approach  Janine Macht 
Framing environmental sustainability of meat consumption - An experimental study  Nina Weingarten 
Genomic selection to reduce antibiotic use in livestock production - a consumers'acceptance study  Jeanette Klink-Lehmann 
Investigating consumer preferences (WTP) for oat milk – Does German origin provides a premium?  Milan Tatic 
Investigating the influence of common agricultural policy reforms on EU’s dairy trade competitiveness  Milan Tatic 
Knowledge, Attitudes and Information Needs of Nutritionists about climate change and the concept of Planetary Boundaries Dr. Gesa Maschkowski 
Strategies to increase consumption of animal friendly products  Jeanette Klink-Lehmann 
The more the better? The effect of redundant labels on consumers’ perception of food products  Jeanette Klink-Lehmann 
Video vs. text: effect of different information formats on attitudes towards agricultural innovation  Ursula Ploll 
What Determines the Consumption of Fast-Food Products – A Field Study  Nina Weingarten 


Technologie-, Innovationsmanagement und Entrepreneurship

Titel Betreuer 
Business model development in converging industry fields – Which conditions lead to the exploitation of knowledge from larger entrepreneurial ecosystems?   Simon Ohlert 


Professur für Ökonomik Nachhaltiger Landnutzung und Bioökonomie

Titel Betreuer 
Evaluating the effectiveness of protected areas for conservation of mangrove forests in Brazil  Dario Schulz 


Data science in agricultural economics

Titel Betreuer 
Literature review of the effects of adopting more efficient water irrigation technologies  Elin Martinsson 
Studying heterogeneity in agriculture mechanization level using machine learning and remote sensing Dr. Hugo Storm 




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