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Prof. Dr. Thomas Heckelei

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Research Interests

Analysis of agricultural and environmental policies
Agricultural sector and trade modelling
Bayesian and applied econometrics

Academic Education

2002 Habilitation in Economic/Agricultural Policy and Econometrics, University of Bonn
1995 Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics (minor in Economics), Washington State University
1991 Diploma in Agricultural Sciences, University of Bonn
1990 M.A. in Agricultural Economics, Washington State University

Academic Employments

08/03 - today Professor for Economic and Agricultural Policy, Institute for Food and Resource Economics (ILR), University of Bonn
02/02 - 07/03 Assistant Professor at IMPACT Center/ Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, Washington State University
11/95-01/02 Assistant Professor ("Hochschulassistent") Institute for Agricultural Policy, Market Research, and Economic Sociology, University of Bonn


Current courses in bachelor program:
Agrar- und Umweltpolitik (Teilbereich Agrarpolitik)
Nutzpflanzen, Nutztiere und ihre ökonomische Bedeutung (Teilbereich Ökonomie)

Current courses in master program:
Advanced Applied Econometrics (master program version)
Policy Analysis Seminar
Research Seminar in Agricultural and Development Policy
Special Project in Agricultural and Development Policy

Current courses in doctoral program
Publishing and Writing in Agricultural Economics
Advanced Applied Econometrics (doctoral program version)

Previously taught
Politik und Märkte der Ernährungswirtschaft (Teilbereich Politik)
Angewandte Mikroökonomik „Neoklassik“ (University of Bonn)
Applied Trade Theory and Policy (University of Bonn)
European and International Agricultural Policy (University of Bonn)
Introduction to Econometrics (Washington State University)
Quantitative Methods in Ag-Business  (Washington State University)


Honors, professional service and association membership

Stipend of the "Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft" in support of research on Positive Mathematical Programming Models, 2000/2001
Scholarship of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) for participation in Ph.D. program at WSU, 1992/93
Outstanding graduation award for best Diploma in Agricultural Economics, University of Bonn, Spring 1991
Exchange scholarship between Washington State University and University of Bonn (Fall 1989 and Spring 1990)
Board member of the International Agricultural Trade Research Council (IATRC, 2007 – 2009)
Chair of the Taiwanese-German Association for Economic and Social Research since 2007
Editor of the European Review of Agricultural Economics (until December 2011)
American Agricultural Economics Association (AAEA)
European Association of Agricultural Economist (EAAE)
German Association of Agricultural Economist (GeWiSoLa)
Vice dean for research and young researchers, Agricultural Faculty of the University of Bonn (2013 – 2016)
Chair of the EAAEP Foundation since 2012
DFG Fachkollegiat since April 2016

Selected Publications (download):

Amrouk, E. M., Grosche, S., Heckelei, T. (2019):
Interdependence between cash crop and staple food international prices across periods of varying financial market stress
Applied Economics: pp. 1-16

Neuenfeldt, S., Gocht, A., Heckelei, T., Ciaian, P. (2019):
Explaining farm structural change in the European agriculture: a novel analytical framework
European Review of Agricultural Economics 46(5): 713-768

Saint-Cyr, L. D. F., Storm, H., Heckelei, T., Piet, L. (2019):
Heterogeneous impacts of neighbouring farm size on the decision to exit: evidence from Brittany
European Review of Agricultural Economics Volume 46(2): 237-266

Storm, H., Baylis, K., Heckelei, T. (2019):
Machine learning in agricultural and applied economics
European Review of Agricultural Economics jbz033: pp. 1-44

Rutten, M., Achterbosch, T., de Boer, I., Crespo Cuaresma, J., Geleijnse, M., Havlik, P., Heckelei, T., Ingram, J. S., Leip, A., Marette, S., van Meijl, H., Soler, L.-G., Swinnen, J. F., van’t Veer, P., Vervoort, J., Zimmermann, A., Zimmermann, K., Zurek, M. (2018):
Metrics, models and foresight for European sustainable food and nutrition security: the vision of the SUSFANS Project

Agricultural Systems 163: 45-57

Storm, H., Heckelei, T. (2018):
Reducing omitted-variable bias in spatial-interaction models by considering multiple neighbourhoods
Spatial Economic Analysis

Rasch, S., Heckelei, T., Storm, H., Oomen, R. and Naumann, C. (2017):
Multi-scale resilience of a communal rangeland system in South Africa
Ecological Economics 131: 129-138

Woldeyohanes, T. B., Heckelei, T. and Surry, Y. (2017):
Effect of off-farm income on smallholder commercialization: panel evidencefrom rural households in Ethiopia
Agricultural Economics 48(2):

Espinosa, M., Gocht, A., Heckelei, T., Gomez y Paloma, S. (2016):
Incorporating farm structural change in models assessing the Common Agricultural Policy: an application in the CAPRI farm type model
Journal of Policy Modeling 38(6):

Götze, F., Mann, S., Ferjani, A., Kohler, A., Heckelei, T. (2016):
Explaining market shares of organic food: evidence from Swiss household data
British Food Journal 118(4): 931 - 945

Heckelei, T., Zavelberg, Y., Wieck, C. (2016):
Entry deterring effects of contractual relations in the dairy processing sector
Bio-based and Applied Economics 5(1): 83-98

Rasch, S., Heckelei, T., Oomen, R. (2016):
Reorganizing resource use in a communal livestock productionsocio-ecological system in South Africa
Land Use Policy 52: 221–231

Rasch, S., Heckelei, T., Oomen, R. and Naumann, C. (2016):
Cooperation and collapse in a communal livestock production SES model – A case from South Africa
Environmental Modelling & Software 75: 402-413

Storm, H., Heckelei, T. and Mittelhammer, R. (2016):
Bayesian estimation of non-stationary Markov models combining micro and macro data
European Review of Agricultural Economics
43(2): 303-329.

Storm, H., Heckelei, T., Espinosa, M. and Gomez y Paloma, S. (2015):
Short Term Prediction of Agricultural Structural Change using Farm Accountancy Data Network and Farm Structure Survey Data
German Journal of Agricultural Economics 64(3): 163-174

Storm, H., Mittenzwei, K. and Heckelei, T. (2015):
Direct Payments, Spatial Competition, and Farm Survival in Norway
American Journal of Agricultural Economics 97(4): 1192-1205

Podhora, A., K. Helming, L. Adenäuer, T. Heckelei, P. Kautto, P. Reidsma, K. Rennings, J. Turnpenny and J. Jansen (2013):
The policy-relevancy of impact assessment tools: Evaluating nine years of European research funding
Environmental Science & Policy 31: 85-95

Heckelei, T., W. Britz and Y. Zhang (2012):
Positive Mathematical Programming Approaches – Recent Developments in Literature and Applied Modelling
Bio-based and Applied Economics 1(1): 109-124

Britz, W., M. Van Ittersum, A. Oude Lansink and T. Heckelei (2012):
Tools for Integrated Assessment in Agriculture. State of the Art and Challenges
Bio-based and Applied Economics 1: 125-150

Heckelei, T. and J. Swinnen (2012):
Introduction to the Special Issue of the World Trade Review on ‘standards and non-tariff barriers in trade’
World Trade Review 11(3): 353-355

Zimmermann, A. and T. Heckelei (2012):
Structural Change of European Dairy Farms - A Cross-regional Analysis
Journal of Agricultural Economics 63(3): 576-603

Junker, F. and T. Heckelei (2012):
TRQ-complications: who gets the benefits when the EU liberalizes Mercosur's access to the beef markets?
Agricultural Economics 43(2): 215-231

Hugo Storm, Thomas Heckelei und Claudia Heidecke (2011):
Estimating Irrigation Water Demand in the Moroccan Drâa Valley using Contingent Valuation
Journal of Environmental Management 92(10): 2803–2809

Ewert, F., M. Van Ittersum, T. Heckelei, O. Therond, I. Bezlepkina and E. Andersen (2011):
Scale changes and model linking methods for integrated assessment of agri-environmental systems
Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 142(1-2): 6-17

Adenäuer, L. and T. Heckelei (2011):
Foreign Direct Investment and the Performance of European Agribusiness Firms
Journal of Agricultural Economics 62(3): 639-654

Jansson, T. and T. Heckelei (2011):
Estimating a Primal Model of Regional Crop Supply in the European Union
Journal of Agricultural Economics 62(1): 137-152

Kempen, M., B.S. Elbersen, I. Staritsky, E. Andersen and T. Heckelei (2011):
Spatial allocation of farming systems and farming indicators in Europe
Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 142(1-2): 51-62

Heckelei, T. (2010):
Publishing as an Agricultural Economist: Thoughts on Why, Where and How
German Journal of Agricultural Economics 59(3): 133-143

Louhichi, K., A. Kanellopoulos, S. Janssen, G. Flichmann, M. Blanco, H. Hengsdijk., T. Heckelei, P. Berentsen, A. Oude Lansink, and M. Van Ittersum (2010):
FSSIM, a bio-economic farm model for simulating the response of EU farming systems to agricultural and environmental policies
Agricultural Systems 103(8):585-597

Wolff, H., T. Heckelei. and R. Mittelhammer (2010):
Imposing Curvature and Monotonicity on Flexible Functional Forms: An Efficient Regional Approach
Computational Economics 36(4):309-339

Kanellopoulos, A., P. Berentsen, T. Heckelei, M. van Ittersum and A. Oude Lansink (2010):
Assessing the Forecasting Performance of a Generic Bio-Economic Farm Model Calibrated With Two Different PMP Variants
Journal of Agricultural Economics 61(2):274-294

Heidecke, C. and T. Heckelei (2010):
Impacts of changing water inflow distributions on irrigation and farm income along the Drâa River in Morocco
Agricultural Economics 41(2):135 - 149

Götz, C., T. Heckelei and B. Rudloff (2010):
What makes countries initiate WTO disputes on food-related issues?
Food Policy 35(2):154-162

Schlüter, S. W., C. Wieck and T. Heckelei (2009):
Regulatory Policy in Meat Trade: Is there Evidence for Least Trade-distorting Sanitary Regulations?
American Journal of Agricultural Economics 91(5):1484-1490

Therond, O., H. Belhouchette, S. Janssen, K. Louhichi, F. Ewert, J.-E. Bergez, J. Wery, T. Heckelei, J. Alkan Olsson, D. Leenhardt and M. Van Ittersum (2009):
Methodology to translate policy assessment problems into scenarios: the example of the SEAMLESS integrated framework
Environmental Science & Policy 12(5):619-630

Zimmermann, A., T. Heckelei and I. Pèrez Dominguez (2009):
Modelling farm structural change for integrated ex-ante assessment: review of methods and determinants
Environmental Science & Policy 12(5):601-618

Pèrez Dominguez, I., I. Bezlepkina, T. Heckelei, E. Romstad, A. Oude Lansink and A. Kanellopoulos (2009):
Capturing market impacts of farm level policies: a statistical extrapolation approach using biophysical characteristics and farm resources
Environmental Science & Policy 12(5):588-600

Jansson, T., and T. Heckelei, (2009):
A new estimator for trade costs and its small sample properties
Economic Modelling 26(2):489-498

Van Ittersum, M.K., F. Ewert, T. Heckelei J. Wery, J. Alkan Olsson, E. Andersen, I. Bezlepinka, F. Brouwer, M. Donatelli, G. Flichmann, L. Olsson, A. E. Rizzoli, T. van der Wal, J. E. Wien, J. Wolf (2008):
Integrated assessment of agricultural systems – A component-based framework for the European Union (SEAMLESS)
Agricultural Systems 96(1-3):150-165

Wieck, C., and T. Heckelei (2007):
Determinants, Differentiation, and Development of Short-term Marginal Costs in Dairy production: An Empirical Analysis for Selected Regions of the EU)
Agricultural Economics 36(2):202-220

Britz, W., T. Heckelei and I. Pérez (2006):
Effects of Decoupling on Land Use: An EU wide, regionally differentiated Analysis
Agrarwirtschaft 55(5/6):215-226

Chaddad, F., M. L. Cook, and T. Heckelei (2005):
Testing for the Presence of Financial Constraints in U.S. Agricultural Cooperatives: An Investment Behavior Approach
Journal of Agricultural Economics 56(3):385-97

Hill, B., A. Greer, T. Heckelei, and P. Witzke (2004):
Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. In:
H. Compston (ed.), Handbook of Public Policy in Europe –Britain, France and Germany, Palgrave McMillan
Pages 175-193

Chouinard, H., R. Huffaker, T. Heckelei, and T.I. Wahl (2004):
The Marriage between Humanitarian Assistance and Agricultural Interests in U.S. Overseas Aid Programs: Reconcilable Differences?
Journal of Humanitarian Assistance

Briand, G., T. Heckelei, S. C. Matulich, and R.C. Mittelhammer (2004):
Managing Fishing Power: The Case of Alaska Red King Crab
Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 61(1):43-53.

Heckelei T., and H. Wolff (2003):
Estimation of Constrained Optimisation Models for Agricultural Supply Analysis Based on Generalised Maximum Entropy
European Review of Agricultural Economics 30(1):27-50.

Britz, W., T. Heckelei, and H. Wolff (2003):
Symmetric Positive Equilibrium Problem: A Framework for Rationalizing Economic Behavior with Limited Information: Comment
American Journal of Agricultural Economics 85(4):1078-1081

Heckelei, T., and R. C. Mittelhammer (2003):
Bayesian Bootstrap Multivariate Regression
Journal of Econometrics112(2):241-264>

Heckelei, T. (2002):
Calibration and Estimation of Programming Models for Agricultural Supply Analysis.
Habilitation Thesis, University of Bonn, Germany

Heckelei, T., and W. Britz (2001):
Concept and Explorative Application of an EU-wide Regional Agricultural Sector Model (CAPRI-Project). In:
Heckelei, T., H.P. Witzke, and W. Henrichsmeyer (Eds.): Agricultural Sector Modelling and Policy Information Systems. Proceedings of the 65th EAAE Seminar, March 29-31, 2000 at Bonn University, Vauk Verlag Kiel
Pages 281-290.

Heckelei, T., and W. Britz (2000):
Positive Mathematical Programming with Multiple Data Points: A Cross-Sectional Estimation Procedure.
Cahiers d'Economie et Sociologie Rurales 57(4):28-50.

Heckelei, T., and R. C. Mittelhammer (1996):
Bayesian Bootstrap Inference via Regression Structure Likelihood. In:
T.B.Fomby and R.C. Hill (eds.): Advances in Econometrics, Vol. 11A
Pages 179-209

Heckelei, T., R. C. Mittelhammer and T. I. Wahl (1996):
Evaluation of Equality and Inequality Restrictions for a Meat Demand System: A Robust Bayesian Bootstrap Approach
Proceedings of the North American Meeting of the International Society for Bayesian Analysis, Chicago

Witzke, H.P., Heckelei, T. (1996):
Adjustment Cost and Partial Adjustment Models for German Agriculture. In:
Märkte der Agrar-und Ernährungswirtschaft, Schriften der Gesellschaft für Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaften des Landbaues,Münster-Hiltrup, Band 33
Pages 125-137

Heckelei, T. (1995):
Robust Bayesian Estimation of Econometric Models: Theory and Application
Ph.D. Thesis, Washington State University

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