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Diplom- und Masterarbeiten


Dusan Nikolic: Opportunities and challenges of emergence of new value chains in the case of second generation biomass


Anne Vigelius: Drivers and Barriers for SME in the light of entry mode choice into an emerging market. A systematic literature review

Camilo Alberto Gutierrez Velasquez: A systematic literature review of the models and criteria of business idea evaluation

Md Arif Mortoga Chowdhury: Strategic positioning in the era of convergence: How do firms cope with competence gaps?

Mette Nußbaum: Welche parameter steuern den Markt der Trinknahrungen?

Sandra Gumuljo: ICT as a driver for enhanced B2C information transparency. A systematic literature review in the food industry

Sore Sougrynoma Zainatou: Systemic innovation along supply chains in the bioeconomy: the case of biofuels


Adetoun Oyebade: Technology communication in the agri-food sector: A comparison between food and non-food firms in the communication of their novel technologies

Asli Schaeferdiek: Food or Drugs? An Empirical Study on the Consumer Perception of Borderline Food Products

Carlotta von Rosenberg: Food Waste of Suboptimal Food by Farmers and Retailers –Barriers and Motives for Actions

Jan-Hendrik Scholz: Acceptance of use of endophytes among potential users

Judith Schwab: Konzipierung und Durchführung einer Produktentwicklung für das biologische teesortiment der Eigenmarke "dm Bio"

Vivian Suderow: Successful technology transfer from research to business (S2B) and appropriate business models in the bioeconomy

Walorski, Jirina: Value Chain-Analyse zu Arzneipflanzen

Yousef Hamed: Analyzing the technology landscape and potential application fields of carotenoids by applying patent analysis


Artur Khabirov: Comparison of EU Food Standards Using Life Cycle Perspective

Carolin Kamrath: Adoption of new tomato packaging in Tanzania: An analysis based on technology acceptance model and theory of planned behavior

Esther Moos: Perception of health ingredients: a means end chain approach

Friederike Höner: Developing Internationalization Strategies for Foreign Markets applied to the German Food Tech

Hilke Olthoff: Involvement and purchasing motives of dietary supplements

Kohl, Bastian: Eine Analyse von Biopolymeren als Eco-Innovations am Beispiel von biobasierten Obst-und Gemüsemehrwegtransportbehältern

Marina El-Saghir: Kundenakzeptanz des deutschen Convenience-Marktes - Eine systematische Analyse am Beispiel von REWE to GO Stores in Tankstellen des Mineralölkonzerns BP

Rebecca Gundelach: A comparison of industry convergence and cross-industry innovation – Concepts, drivers, outcomes

Regina Vogel: The emergence of automatic guidance systems in agriculture: Technology analysis based on patents

Sonja Kleindiek: Assessing stevia extracts as a novel health ingredient: Factors influencing consumer perception

Sukhada Khedkar: Impact of Nutrition and Health Claims Regulation (EC) 1924/2006 on Innovation Activities in the European Food Industry


Julia Knaupp: Innovation Performance Measurement and Value Stream mapping in Value-added Nets

Silvan Berg: Identifying path dependency on the firm level using patents

Waldemar Welsch: Beurteilung der Wettbewerbsfähigkeit von Alternativen zu Nord- u. Südamerikanischem Sojaschrot

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