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Farm households’ sustainable intensification adoption and farm outcomes

Sustainable intensification, the enhanced linkage between successful agricultural production and sustainability targets, implies changes in farm production processes. The objective of the research project is to explore the determinants for farm households’ adoption of sustainable intensification and the effect of the adoption decision on the economic and environmental outcomes of the farm.

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Production economics perspective of P-fertilization in InnoSoilPhos-II

The rationale for this project within InnoSoilPhos is the need to understand farm-fertilization behaviour from a production economics perspective including intensity, mix, technology and sources of nutrients.

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Agricultural policy evaluation using micro data

Agri-environmental schemes (AES) are the most important pillar-two measures of the European Union Common Agricultural Policy designed to improve the environmental state of cultivated areas. Farmers participate in AES on a voluntary base and commit to produce at higher environmental standards. No consensus exists, whether AES provide critical incentives for farmers to adopt more environmentally friendly practices or simply allow windfall profits for those already operating at lower intensities.

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Herbicide use efficiency in crop production

One of the major strategies to improve sustainability of agricultural systems is to reduce the inputs for crop production. In order to draw conclusions about possible policy interventions concerning the use of pesticides, it is essential to understand the role of pesticide application in production efficiency. Within this project, we aim at identifying the drivers of pesticide use efficiency, which contributes to improving strategies for herbicide input reduction in arable farming.

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AukLand - Preisbildung bei Auktionen auf dem Bodenmarkt: Analyse der Unterschiede zwischen Landwirten und Nichtlandwirten

Ziel dieses Projekts ist die Analyse von Auktionen und auktionsähnlichen Marktformen (z.B. Ausschreibung) in landwirtschaftlichen Bodenmärkten in Deutschland. Ein besonderer Fokus wird dabei auf die Wettbewerbsposition aktiver Landwirte im Vergleich zu Nichtlandwirten gelegt. Aufbauend auf einer Analyse der Relevanz verschiedener Auktionsformen im deutschen Bodenmarkt, wird die Bedeutung asymmetrischer Bieterstrukturen unterschiedlicher Bietergruppen, z.B. Landwirte versus Nichtlandwirte, empirisch analysiert.

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Land price formation under different market mechanisms and market conditions

The objective of this research project is to explore price formation for agricultural land in various market segments using states in the former East Germany as an example. Our main hypothesis is that the market mechanism (auction versus negotiations) has a significant impact on realised land prices.

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