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Research focus (priorities)

The research activities of the department comprise qualitative and quantitative analyses with regard to agricultural and food markets on a national and international level. In particular, the research focuses on:

1. Quality and safety of products and processes in the food sector

Objectives: analysis of consumer preferences and implications for food companies, policy makers and international trade.

Methodological basis: new consumer theory, behavioural economics, industrial economics, econometrics and multivariate statistics.

2. Consumer behaviour research on food markets

Objectives: analysis of consumer behavior and especially decision making considering perception, evaluation, attitudes, preferences, willingness to pay and decision strategies.

Methodological basis: rational choice, behavioural economics, econometrics and multivariate statistics.

3. Competitiveness of the food industry

Objectives: assessment of the levels, the development and of the factors affecting company competitiveness. Derivation of policy and business options which may lead to the strengthening of international competitiveness.

Methodological basis: neo-classical theory, industrial economics, strategic management theory, evolutionary economics, econometrics and multivariate statistics



Last Updated: Wednesday, January 23, 2019