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Research fields

The research of our team focuses on the analysis of determinants and effects of ecologically, socially, and economically (un)responsible actions of stakeholders in the agricultural and food sector - this ranges from production and processing to consumption and also includes the consideration of institutional framework conditions. Based on this, we investigate the potential of market strategies as well as the role and legitimacy of policy interventions in initiating and transforming the food sector towards more sustainable ways of production and consumption. The spectrum of the research work of the research group covers the following issues:

  • Which factors influence the acceptance of citizens and actors in the food value chain with regard to new, more sustainable technologies, products, and social innovations in the agricultural and food sectors?
  • How do consumers make their food choices? What role do attitudes, social norms and habits play in explaining behavior?
  • How do actors in agriculture, the food industry, and the grocery trade react to new consumer and policy demands regarding the safety and sustainability of products and processes?
  • How can sustainable development take place in a competitive and increasingly concentrated agricultural and food sector?
  • How do actors on the agricultural and food markets deal with conflicting objectives?

The research objective of our department is to identify and analyze barriers to and motives for sustainable behavior. The findings serve to derive knowledge-based solutions for current societal challenges.
Methodologically, our research is based on a mix of qualitative (e.g. focus group interviews), quantitative (e.g. standardized surveys), and experimental (e.g. discrete choice experiments) approaches to data collection. Furthermore, we make use of innovative infrastructures (e.g. virtual supermarket).  Often, different methods of data collection are combined in one study. 



Last Updated: Friday, February 14, 2020