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Chair of Agricultural and Food Market Research
Mafo team



Chair: Prof. Dr. Monika Hartmann
Nußallee 21
D-53115 Bonn

Phone +49 (0)228 73 35 38
Fax: +49 (0)228 73 33 74

Office hours for students by appointment with the secretariat: thursday 15-16.


The market research team consists of 12 staff members who are involved in research, teaching and administration.
Our research covers qualitative and quantitative analysis with respect to agricultural and food markets on the national as well as international level. We have collaborations with leading research institutes worldwide. Agricultural and food market research has many interesting theoretical and empiric facets that we highlight in research and teaching. In our scientific work, we focus on a pluralism of methods which is adjusted to the various scientific questions. By incorporating research projects in seminars and lectures, we strive for a close alliance of research and teaching. Among others major reseasrch projects deal with manifold aspects of consumer behaviour such as perception, preferences and willingness to pay.


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