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Dr. Neus Escobar

Dr. Duy Nong

Senior Researcher / Lecturer

Phone: +49-228 73 3368


Research interests

  • Economic modelling for policy analysis
  • Climate change, environmental and energy economics and policy
  • Transformation in the bioeconomy
  • International trade

Current research project

STRIVESustainable TRade and InnoVation transfer in the BioEconomy

Previous projects

(in the US):
Coastal SEES Collaborative Research: Changes in Ship-borne Introductions of Invasive Species in Coupled Natural-human Systems: Infrastructure, Global Trade, Climate and Policy
(in Australia):
Adaptation to Carbon-tax-induced changes in energy demand in rural and regional Australia

Recent publications

Trung, N., Nong, D. & Paustian, K. (2019). Surrogate-based multi-objective optimization of management options for agricultural landscapes using artificial neural networks. Ecological Modelling, 400, 1-13.

Tran, T., Siriwardana, S, Meng, S. & Nong, D. (2019). Impact of an emissions trading scheme on Australian households: a computable general equilibrium analysis. Journal of Cleaner Production, 221, 439-456.

Nong, D. (2019). A general equilibrium impact study of the Emissions Reduction Fund in Australia by using a national environmental and economic model. Journal of Cleaner Production, 216, 422-434

Nong, D., Warziniack, T., Countryman, A. & Grey, E. (2019). Melting Arctic sea ice: implications for nonindigenous species spread in the United States. Environmental Science and Policy, 91, 81-91.

Nong, D. (2018). General equilibrium economy-wide impacts of the increased energy taxes in Vietnam. Energy Policy, 123, 471-481.

Nong, D. & Siriwardana, M. (2018). Potential impacts of the Emissions Reduction Fund on the Australian economy. Energy Economics. 74, 387-398.

Nong, D. & Siriwardana, M. (2018). Effects on the US economy of its proposed withdrawal from the Paris Agreement: a quantitative assessment. Energy. 159, 621-629.





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