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Contributions to XVth EAAE Congress, Parma, August 28th - September 1St 2017

The bi-annual EAAE congress is the central conference for European Agricultural Economists with the following contributions by our group:

Boecker, T., Britz W., Finger, R.: Modelling the Effects of a Ban of Glyphosate on Weed Management Strategies in Maize Production, Contributed paper

Britz, W. (Session Organizer): Opportunities and Challenges for Joint Development of a Modular and Flexible Platform for Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) Modelling, Organized session

Britz, W., Van der Mensbrugghe, D.: CGEBOX - A Flexible And Modular Platform For CGE-Modeling In GAMS , contribution to organized sesssion: Opportunities and Challenges for Joint Development of a Modular and Flexible Platform for Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) Modelling, organized by W. Britz

Britz, W., Arata, L: Simultaneous estimation of a dual cost function and risk preferences in a Mathematical Programming Framework Using Farm Level Rotating Panels, Contributed paper

Britz, W., Yafari, Y.: Brexit - an economy-wide Impact Assessment looking into trade, immigration, and Foreign Direct Investment, Contributed paper

Carraresi, L. (Session Organizer), Britz, W. (Discussant): Towards A Bioeconomy Transition: Challenges And Innovative Solutions For Farmers, Companies And Policy Makers, Organized Session

Haddad, S., Britz W., Boerner, J.: Impacts Of Increased Forest Biomass Demand In The European Bioeconomy, Contributed Poster

Kuhn, T., Schaefer, D., Britz, W.: Assessing the costs to comply with the revised German implementation of the EU Nitrates Directive: a Meta-modelling approach, Contributed Poster

Mittenzwei, K., Britz, W.: Studying Payments That Depend On The Characteristics Of Single Farms: A New Model And Simulation Exercise, Contributed paper

Schaefer, D., Britz, W., Estimating impacts of the revised German fertilizer ordinance on manure transport flows within North Rhine-Westphalia, Contributed poster

Seidel, C., Britz W., Can we derive plausible land rents based on Mathematical Programming? A critical assessment of a dual profit function estimation from simulated farm programs, Contributed paper

Spiegel, A., Britz W., Djanibekov, U., Finger R.: Policy Analysis of Perennial Energy Crops Cultivation at the Farm Level: the Case of Short Rotation Coppice in Germany, Contributed Paper

Yu, W. (Session Organizer), Britz, W. (Discussant): Chinese Agriculture and Agricultural Policy Development: Trends, Measurement, Modelling, and International Implications, Organized Session

Notes: In alphabetical order of first author, links to personal webpages only introduced for staff of our group

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