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Technical Papers and Project Reports

Technical papers and project reports of the group "Economic and Agricultural Policy" at the Institute for Food and Resource Economics represent papers, notes and reports from project related work which serve as communication on current research efforts, typically towards the sponsors. They are usually not intended for journal submission in this form. An exemption are discussion paper published with international colleagues in discussion paper series of their institution. More general research papers by the group appear in the discussion paper series "Food and Resource Economics" or can be found under the category "journal publications" (both also on this website). Note that in opposite to discussion papers of our home insitution, we don't indicate here if versions of papers or reports list below have been published later as a peer reviewed journal article.

The authors are solely responsible for the release of technical papers and project reports. Comments, questions, and criticisms are welcome and should be sent to the authors directly. All citations need to be cleared with the corresponding author.


Britz, W., Jafari, Y., Nekhay, O., Roson, R. (2020): Modeling Trade and Income Distribution in Six Developing Countries A Dynamic General Equilibrium Analysis up to the Year 2050, in: University Ca' Foscari of Venice, Dept. of Economics Research Paper Series No. 03/WP/2020, Link.


Britz, W., Dudu, H., Roson, R., Fusacchi, I., Jafari, Y., Salvatici, L., Sartori, M. (2019): Economy-wide analysis of food waste reductions and related costs, in: JRC technical reports, JRC113395, Link (Download).

Britz, W., Roson, R., Sartori, M. (2019): SSP Long Run Scenarios for European NUTS2 Regions, in: Working Papers Department of Economics Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, No. 22/WP/ 201 9, Link.

Schäfer, D., Britz, W., Grauer, Z. (2019): Regionale Modellierung von agrarstrukturellen Änderungen in einem agentenbasierten Ansatz unter Berücksichtigung des überbetrieblichen Austausches von organischen Dünger, in: Forschungsbericht 193 des Lehr- und Forschungsschwerpunktes "Umweltverträgliche und Standortgerechte Landwirtschaft" der Landwirtschaftlichen Fakultät an der Universität Bonn, Link.


Britz, W., Roson, R. (2018): Exploring Long Run Structural Change with a Dynamic General Equilibrium Model, presented at the University Ca' Foscari of Venice, Dept. of Economics Research Paper Series No. 12/WP/2018, Download.

Britz, W., Roson, R. (2018): G-RDEM: A GTAP - Based Recursive Dynamic CGE model for Long Term Baseline Generation and Analysis, in: Bocconi Working Paper Series No. 105, April 2018, Link.

Britz, W., Roson, R. (2018): G-RDEM: A GTAP-Based Recursive Dynamic CGE Model for Long-Term Baseline Generation and Analysis, in: University Ca' Foscari of Venice, Dept. of Economics Research Paper Series No. 11/WP/2018, Link.


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