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Faculty of Agriculture

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Agyei-Sasu, FelixEconomic and Agricultural Policy2328 
Bassey, Nkoyo EtimEconomic and Agricultural Policy1942 
Baum, Chad M.Technology and Innovation Management in Agribusiness3552 
Berg, SilvanTechnology and Innovation Management in Agribusiness7197 
Berg*, Ernst, Prof. Dr.Institute2890 
Birkle, IngoMarket Research3774 
Blaise, PascalResource and Environmental Economics1942 
Block, CarolinTechnology and Innovation Management in Agribusiness3506 
Borge, LauraTechnology and Innovation Management in Agribusiness3329 
Börner, Jan, Prof. Dr.Economics of Sustainable Land Use and Bioeconomy1873 (ZEF), 3548 (ILR) 
Bremer, Udo, Dr.Institute2336 
Britz, Wolfgang, PD Dr.Economic Modeling of Agricultural Systems2912 
Bröhl, WolfgangInstitute2574 
Bröring, Stefanie, Prof. Dr.Technology and Innovation Management in Agribusiness3500 
Cao, An N.Q.Economic and Agricultural Policy3140 
Cardona Santos, Elsa, Dr.Resource and Environmental Economics2324 
Carraresi, Laura, Dr.Technology and Innovation Management in Agribusiness3504 
Chang, Chiao-YaEconomic and Agricultural Policy2328 
Craemer, ThomasTechnology and Innovation Management in Agribusiness7750 
Engida, ErmiasEconomic and Agricultural Policy2326 
Escobar, Neus, Dr.Economics of Sustainable Land Use and Bioeconomy3776 
Fabula, JacquelineProduction Economics2890 
Fedoseeva, Svetlana, Dr.Economic and Agricultural Policyextern 
Gammel, ThomasInstitute3371 / mobil: 017619568935 
Gebrekidan, Bisrat HaileEconomic and Agricultural Policy2323 
Gerullis, MariaEconomic and Agricultural Policy2335 
Gooßens, ChristianeInstitute2338 
Gubelt, Angela, Dr.Economics of Sustainable Land Use and Bioeconomy2143 
Haddad, SalwaEconomic Modeling of Agricultural Systems3776 
Hartmann, Monika, Prof. Dr.Market Research3537 
Hawes, Daniel, Dr.Market Research2451 
Heckelei, Thomas, Prof. Dr.Economic and Agricultural Policy2331 
Heinrichs, JuliaEconomic Modeling of Agricultural Systems3775 
Holm-Müller, Karin, Prof. Dr.Resource and Environmental Economics2333 
Hüttel, Silke, Prof. Dr.Production Economics2891 
Jafari, Yaghoob, Dr.Economic and Agricultural Policy2502 
Jatzlau, MaximilianResource and Environmental Economics7752 
Kahle, ChristophProduction Economics2893 
Kamrath, CarolinTechnology and Innovation Management in Agribusiness7891 
Kempen, Markus, Dr.Economic and Agricultural Policy2330 
Khalili, HamedEconomic and Agricultural Policy2326 
Khedkar, SukhadaTechnology and Innovation Management in Agribusiness2141 
Klink-Lehmann, JeanetteMarket Research3580 
Knaut, MariaInstitute3550 
Kokemohr, LennartEconomic Modeling of Agricultural Systems3775 
Krückeberg, GundulaResource and Environmental Economics3039 
Kuhn, Arnim, Dr.Economic and Agricultural Policy2755 
Kuhn, TillResource and Environmental Economics2325 
Kutsch*, Thomas, Prof. Dr.Institute3368 
Laibach, Natalie, Dr.Technology and Innovation Management in Agribusiness3510 
Landwehr, StefanieMarket Research3370 
Latka, CatharinaEconomic and Agricultural Policy3140 
Maschkowski, GesaMarket Research3774 
Meraner, Manuela, Dr.Resource and Environmental Economics3036 
Meyer, KathrinMarket Research2135 
Meyer, MaximilianEconomics of Sustainable Land Use and Bioeconomy3548 
Müller-Feigl, StefanieMarket Research3538 
Nitsche, KristinEconomic and Agricultural Policy2332 
Pahmeyer, ChristophEconomic Modeling of Agricultural Systems3775 
Piorkowsky*, Michael-Burkhard, Prof. Dr.Institute9787 
Ploll, UrsulaMarket Research3369 
Rasch, Sebastian, Dr.Economic and Agricultural Policy3140 
Rickert, UrsulaInstitute3121 
Schäfer, DavidEconomic Modeling of Agricultural Systems3546 
Schiefer*, Gerhard, Prof. Dr.Institute+49-170-7600957 
Seidel, ClaudiaEconomic Modeling of Agricultural Systems3546 
Seifert, Stefan, Dr.Production Economics2894 
Shala, ElloraTechnology and Innovation Management in Agribusiness3503 
Shang, LinmeiEconomic and Agricultural Policy2335 
Simons, Johannes, Dr.Market Research3549 
Simons, TheoProduction Economics2895 
Storm, HugoEconomic and Agricultural Policy2858 
Tabe-Ojong, Martin PaulEconomic and Agricultural Policy2577 
Trenkel, Hermann, Dr.Production Economics5965 
Tsvetanova, LoraTechnology and Innovation Management in Agribusiness3507 
Uehleke, Reinhard, Dr.Production Economics2892 
Weingarten, NinaMarket Research5963 
Wensing, JoanaTechnology and Innovation Management in Agribusiness3506 
Willy, Daniel Kyalo, Dr.Economic and Agricultural Policyn.n. 
Witzke, Heinz-Peter, Dr.Economic and Agricultural Policy1916 
Woldeyohanes, Tesfaye BerhanuEconomic and Agricultural Policy2577 
Wolffram*, Rudolf-E., Prof. Dr.Institute7753 
Wustmans, Michael, Dr.Technology and Innovation Management in Agribusiness2143 
Yeh, Ching-HuaMarket Research2139 
Zhang, Yinan, Dr.Economic and Agricultural Policy2323 



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