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Svetlana Fedoseeva

Dr. Svetlana Fedoseeva

Dr. agr., Researcher
Chair of Economic and Agricultural Policy

Phone: +49 228 732326

CV (pdf)

Research Interests:

  • E-Commerce
  • Economic Asymmetries
  • Energy Markets
  • International Trade

Academic Education:

2016   Doctorate in Agricultural Economics, University of Giessen 
2012   M.A. in Economics, University of Giessen 
2006   Diploma in Business Administration, Samara State University of Economics (Russia) 

Academic Employment:

10/2018 - today Researcher,Department for Economic and Agricultural Policy, Institute for Food and Resource Economics, University of Bonn
01/2015 - 09/2018 Research Assistant, Institute for Agricultural Policy and Market Research, University of Giessen
03/2012 - 07/2015 Research Assistant, Center for International Development and Environmental Research, University of Giessen

Research Projects:

2018 - 2021  What We Do (and Don’t) Know about Online Pricing: Evidence from E-commerce in the Grocery Sector, German Research Foundation (DFG), personal research grant
2015 - 2016 An Event-Study on the Consequences of the Russian Import Ban on German Food Markets and Agri-Food Industry: A Contribution to the Economics of Sanctions, Edmund Rehwinkel Foundation, collaborator
2012 - 2016 What Explains Agricultural Trade of the EU and Germany? Theoretical and Econometric analyses on Liberalization, Macro Effects and Hysteresis, German Research Foundation (DFG), collaborator

Selected Publications:

Fedoseeva, S. and Zeidan, R. (2018):
Tariff Reduction on Renewables Inputs for European Decarbonization
Nature Sustainability 1 (8): 436–440

Fedoseeva, S. (forthcoming):
Under Pressure: Dynamic Pass-Through of Oil Prices to the RUB/USD Exchange Rate
International Economics

Fedoseeva, S. and Zeidan, R. (2018):
How (a)symmetric is the Response of Import Demand to Changes in its Determinants? Evidence from European Energy Imports
Energy Economics 69 (C): 379-394

Fedoseeva, S., Herrmann, R. and Nickolaus, K. (2017):
Was the Economics of Information Approach Wrong All the Way? Evidence from German Grocery r(E)tailing
Journal of Business Research 80: 63-72

Anders, S. and Fedoseeva, S. (2017):
Quality, Sourcing, and Asymmetric Exchange Rate Pass-Through into U.S. Coffee Imports
Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics 42 (3): 372-385

Dreyer, H., Fedoseeva, S. and Herrmann, R. (2017):
Gravity Meets Pricing to Market: What a Combined-Method Approach Tells Us on German Beer Exports
Journal of Economics and Statistics 237 (4): 295-328

Fedoseeva, S. and Zeidan, R. (2016):
A Dead-End Tunnel or the Light at the End of It: The Role of BRICs in European Exports
Economic Modelling 59: 237-248

Göcke, M. and Fedoseeva, S. (2016):
Optimal Monopolist Export Pricing with Dynamic Demand and Learning Curve Effects
Open Economies Review 27 (3): 447-469

Fedoseeva, S. and Werner, L. (2016):
How Linear is Pricing-to-Market? Empirical Assessment of Asymmetry and Hysteresis of PTM
Empirical Economics 50(3): 1065-1090

Fedoseeva, S. (2016):
Same Currency, Different Strategies? The (Asymmetric) Role of the Exchange Rate in Shaping European Agri-Food Exports
Applied Economics 48 (11): 1005-1017

Dreyer, H. and Fedoseeva, S. (2016):
Gravity Models and Asymmetric Exchange Rate Effects: Insights from German Beer Exports
Agribusiness: An International Journal 32 (2): 289-295

Fedoseeva, S. (2014):
Are Agricultural Exports any Special? Exchange Rate Nonlinearities in European Exports to the US
German Journal of Agricultural Economics 63 (4): 259-270

Fedoseeva, S. (2013):
(A)symmetry, (Non)linearity and Hysteresis of Pricing-To-Market: Evidence from German Sugar Confectionery Exports
Journal of Agricultural and Food Industrial Organization 11 (1): 69-85







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