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Analysis of structural change and dynamic adjustments in agriculture


This research line applies different types of econometric estimators and most recently Agent Based Modelling to analyze farm structural change and dynamic adjustments in agriculture.

The focus is on studying the fundamental drivers of farm structural change, to analyze how policy decisions can affect the process and in turn how structural adjustment affects policy outcomes. Structural change research is conducted for Germany, the EU, Norway and South Africa.

Our teams have contributed to methodical developments and the empirical application of Markov chain models using Cross Entropy and Bayesian estimation techniques combining individual farm level micro data with aggregated macro data. More recently the focus is on farm level spatial interactions which are analyzed using Spatial Econometric techniques as well as Agent Based Models. An Agent Based Model approach is also applied in a developing country context to study dynamic structural decisions at farm level in response to changes in the social and natural environment.

The Agent Based Modelling of farm structural change is closely related to our research on the dairy sector and on climate change impacts and other long term drivers on agriculture in Africa.

Ongoing research projects

  1. DairyStruct (Understanding spatial interactions and structural change in the dairy production chain with a dynamic regional Agent Based Model covering dairy farms and dairy processing, DFG individual grant, 2015-2018), applying an Agent Based Model of structural change, by Wolfgang Britz and Thomas Heckelei, with a close relation to our research line on dariy
  2. RCR (Resilience, Collapse and Reorganisation in Social-Ecological Systems of East- and South Africa's Savannahs, DFG Research Unit [Forschergruppe] FOR 1501, 2010-2016, PIs Thomas Heckelei and Karin Holm-Müller, subproject B2 on "Resilience of SES from a Resource-Economics Perspective")
  3. Empirical analysis of farm level spatial interactions and their role for aggregated policy impact analysis, DFG Individual Grant, 2015-2018, by Hugo Storm

Past research

Selected publications

Journal articles

Rasch, S., T. Heckelei, H. Storm, R. Oomen and C. Naumann (2017): Multi-scale resilience of a communal rangeland system in South Africa. Ecological Economics 131:129-138. Link.

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Conference contributions, reports

Storm, H. and T. Heckelei (2016): Local and regional spatial interactions of Norwegian farm growth. Paper presented at the 2016 AAEA Annual Meetings, Boston, Massachusetts, July 31-August 2, 2016. Link

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