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Update of a quantitative tool for farm systems level analysis of agricultural policy

Example: Distribution of total UAAR in thousand hectares of 75 farm types - Specialist cereals, oilseed and protein crops (FT 13) -Less than 16 ESU FT13L16)


The 14 montsh research project (2007-2009), financed by the European Commission Joint Research Centre, Institute for Prospective Technological Studies, aims to update the CAPRI farm type layer to cover EU Member States. It is a follow update project of two earlier projects:

Development of a regionalized EU-Wide operational model to assess the impact of Common Agricultural Policy on farming sustainability
2004-2006, for JRC-IPTS

Development of models and tools for assessing the environmental impact of agricultural policies
2001-2003, for the EU Commission Directorate for environment

In opposite to the earlier projects, the farm typology is based on data from the Farm Structure Survey, and data cover all EU 27 Member States. As before, it takes farm specialisation and economic farm size into account, and covers for each NUTS 2 region up to 10 different farm types, according to their importance in that region. In total, 1900 aggregate supply model cover all of EU27 agriculture while ensuring consistency to national and regional statistics regarding land use, herd size, agricultural production and the Economic Accounts for Agriulture.


Data base update

Development of the pan-European regionalized farm typology and consistency checks

Implementation of the farm module (EU Farms) in CAPRI model environment and its verification

Staff at ILR working on the project

Project deliverables and related publications

Interim report, in autumn 2008

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