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EC4MACS Project


The 5-year research project (2007-2012) EC4MACS, financed by the EU under the LIFE program, builds and maintains a network of well established modelling tools for a comprehensive integrated assessment of the policy effectiveness of emission control strategies for air pollutants and greenhouse gases. Read more on the project's web page ..

The consortium of 10 partners is co-ordinated by IASSA, Laxenburg, Austria.

Contribution of ILR to the project

ILR's main tasks are

Development of interfaces from the CAPRI modelling system to PRIMES and RAINS

Application of CAPRI for projections and for bio-energy simulations

Staff at ILR working on the project

Arno Becker

Heinz-Peter Witzke

Project deliverables and related publications

Becker A.:
Biomass for energy production in the context of selected European and international policy objectives,
Poster presented on the International EAAE Congress, August 26-29, 2008, Ghent, Belgium.

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