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Policy impact assessment of the Common Agricultural Policy and related policy fields



This research line analyzes quantitatively economic, social and environmental impacts of policies, often in inter-disciplinary teams, and develops methodological approaches for quantitative impact assessments. The development and application of large-scale economic simulations models such as the CAPRI modelling system to questions related to trade policies and domestic support is since years a trademark of our team, even before Thomas Heckelei headed the group.


By now, the portfolio of methods and tools for policy impact assessment has diversified, as visible from the projects and publications below, with an increasing focus on agri-environmental interactions.


Besides activities related to larger third party funded research projects, team members are also regularly involved in smaller projects with national and international partners where we contribute our methodological and topical expertise in policy analysis. This research line is closely related to our research line on analysis of trade and market policies, and partly overlaps with research on dairy.

Methodological work on quantitative methods for policy impact assessment, with research fields such as the econometric estimation of optimization models, model linkage or scale changes, is described in an own research line, albeit a clear differentiation between methodological development and policy relevant applications both in projects and publications is often neither possible nor helpful.

Selected Research Projects

Selected publications

Journal articles

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Conference contributions and other publications

Britz, W., Heckelei, T. (2013): Modelling tools for policy Analysis: dimensions of reliability, invited paper presented at the 133rd EAAE-Seminar, June 14-15, 2013, Chania (Greece) Download.

Dwyer, J., Jansson, T., Buckwell, A., Allen, B., Britz, W. (2013): Modelling the regionalised impacts of CAP reform embracing both pillars – challenging path-dependent thinking in policy discourse? , selected paper presented at the The Agricultural Economics Society's 87th annual conference, April 8-10, 2013, Warwick (UK) , Link.

Schroeder, L. A., Britz, W., Gocht, A. (2013): Impact of second Pillar funding in Germany – Validation from a modelling- and an evaluation perspective , selected paper presented at the 133rd EAAE-Seminar, June 14-15, 2013, Chania (Greece).

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