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Research focus

The chair for economic and agricultural policy focuses its research on analyzing agricultural and food policies. Policies under consideration cover traditional agricultural policy (income support, trade policies and agri-environmental programs) but also more recent policy issues related to agriculture and food as indicated in the core research lines below. Methodologically, our team develops and applies different economic simulation models and econometric techniques.

Core research lines

Methodologies for quantitative policy impact assessment

Policy impact assessment of the Common Agricultural Policy and related policy fields

Analysis of impacts of climate change, demographic trends and other drivers on agriculture in Africa

Analysis of agricultural and food markets and trade policies

Research on the dairy sector, embedded in the Center of Integrated Dairy Research at our faculty

Analysis of structural change and dynamic adjustments in agriculture

Long term developments in agricultural and food markets including climate change impacts


The chair links via various grant funded projects to the German and European research area, sponsored inter alia by the German Science Foundation, the Federal Ministry for Education and Research, and the Research Framework programs of the EU Commission. A close co-operation with EUROCARE, a consulting specialising in quantitative policy impact analysis, supports the access of graduate students and post docs to applied research projects, and helps transfering our scientific findings to stakeholders.

Last Updated:Thursday, November 27, 2014