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Research on dairy



Our research on the dairy sector is embedded in the Center of Integrated Dairy Research at our faculty, with Christine Wieck from our team acting as the vice-speaker.

It encompasses the application of econometric estimators and economic simulation models, while being closely related to our research line on structural change and dynamic adjustments in agriculture.

Ongoing research

  1. Three projects funded by the German science foundation (DFG):

  2. A dissertation by Yvonne Zavelberg focusing on the competition in the dairy processing sector

Past research

  1. Spatial competition in the dairy sector, common work between Christine Wieck and visiting scientist Claire Mosnier from INRA, UR1213 Herbivore, Clermant-Ferrand during 2010-2011
  2. Analysis of milk quota reform scenarios by Markus Kempen and Peter Witzke (2007-2010)
  3. Dissertation project of Christine Wieck on determinants, differentiation and development of marginal costs (finalized 2005).
  4. Medium-term analysis of the prospects of the Spanish dairy sector after Agenda 2000 and Mid-Term Review by C. Wieck, I. Perez Dominguez and W. Britz (2003)
  5. Improvement of the representation of the dairy sector in the CAPRI model by C.Wieck and W. Britz (2002-2003)

Selected publications

Journal articles

Lengers, B., Britz, W., Holm-Müller, K. (2014): What drives marginal abatement costs of greenhouse gases on dairy farms? A meta-modelling approach, Journal of Agricultural Economics 65(2) , Link.

Lengers, B., Britz, W., Holm-Müller, K. (2013): Comparison of GHG-Emission Indicators for Dairy Farms with Respect to Induced Abatement Costs, Accuracy and Feasibility. , Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy 35(3): 451-475 , Link.

Lengers, B., Britz, W. (2012): The choice of emission indicators in environmental policy design: an analysis of GHG abatement in different dairy farms based on a bio-economic model approach , Review of Agricultural and Environmental Studies 93(2): 117-144 , Link.

Wieck, C., Mosnier, C. (2012): Dynamiques régionales de la production laitière France - Allemagne – Royaume-Uni , Économie rurale 332: 132-146 , Link.

Kempen, M., Witzke, H.-P., Pèrez Dominguez, I., Jansson, T., Sckokai, P. (2011): Economic and environmental impacts of milk quota reform in Europe , Journal of Policy Modeling 33(1): 29-52 , Link.

Wieck, C., Holland, D. W. (2010): The economic effect of the Canadian BSE outbreak on the U.S. economy, Applied Economics 42(8): 935-946 , Link.

Witzke, H.-P. (2009): Milk quota expiry impacts and sensitivity analyses using the CAPSIM model , Agrarwirtschaft 58(5/6): 228-237.

Wieck, C., Heckelei, T. (2007): Determinants, Differentiation, and Development of Short-term Marginal Costs in Dairy production: An Empirical Analysis for Selected Regions of the EU , Agricultural Economics 36(2): 203-220 , Link.

Conference contributions, reports

Britz, W., Wieck, C. (2014): Analyzing structural change in dairy farming based on an Agent Based Model Download.

Zavelberg, Y., Wieck, C., Heckelei, T. (2013): Entry deterring effects of contractual relations in the dairy processing sector , Poster presented at the 53. Jahrestagung der GEWISOLA (German Ag. Econ. Society), September 25 - 27, 2013, Berlin (Germany).

Wieck, C., Mosnier, C. (2011): Determinants of the spatial structure of regional production system , selected paper presented at the European Association of Agricultural Economics Conference 2011, August 30th - September 2nd, 2011, Zurich (Switzerland).

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