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CAPRI project (1997-1999)

"Common Agricultural Policy Regional Impact Analysis"
(partly funded by the EU FAIR3-CT96-1849)



General information

  • EU framework project 1997-1999
  • Development and application of an EU-wide agricultural sector model:
    • covering about 200 regions (NUTS 2 level)
    • in order to evaluate regional and aggregate impacts of the CAP on production, income, markets, and the environment


Data base

  • activity based breakdown of regional agricultural production (about 50 activities)
  • farm and market balances, unit value prices at national level (about 60 products, 35 inputs)
  • consistent to the Economic Accounts of Agriculture
  • includes policy variables at regional (premiums, set-aside, base areas...) and EU-level (tariffs, administrative prices, trade quotas...)
  • complete for the years 1990-1995
  • sourced by Eurostat's SPEL and REGIO data bases, completed (main effort!) by national and regional statistics

Modelling concept

  • comparative static equilibrium model, solved by iterating supply and market modules
  • supply module: separate, regional, non-linear programming models allowing to directly implement most policy measures with highly differentiated set of activities; Allocation based on profit maximising behaviour calibrated to exogeneous elasticities (animals) and estimated multi-product cost functions (annual crops); Perrenial activity levels projected exogeneously; provision of nutrient balances and gas emissions with global warming potential based on production system
  • market module: Non-spatial, net-trade, multi-commodity model; regionalised at Member State level (+Norway, Switzerland, and "Rest-of-the-world"); endogeneous world market price and flexible levies
  • equilibrium ensures cleared markets for products and young animals, match of feeding requirements of national herds

Technical Solution

Further information

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