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Contributions to XVth EAAE Congress, August 28th - September 1st, 2017 Parma (Italy)

The bi-annual EAAE congress is the central conference for European Agricultural Economists with the following contributions by our group:

Britz, Wolfgang; Jafari, Yaghoob: Brexit – An Economy-wide Impact Assessment Looking Into Trade, Immigration, And Foreign Direct Investment, Contributed paper

Chang, Chiao-Ya; Zimmermann, Andrea; Heckelei, Thomas: Drivers and Indicators of Sustainability in Global Aquaculture, Poster

Grosche, Stephanie-Carolin: Macroeconomic And Commodity-specific Expectations In Soybean Futures Markets, Contributed paper

Khalili, Hamed; Heckelei, Thomas: Rational And Convergent Learning In Multi Agent Spatial Markets, Contributed paper

Neuenfeldt, Sebastian; Gocht, Alexander; Ciaian, Pavel; Heckelei, Thomas; Jongeneel, Roel: Structural Change In European Agriculture, Contributed paper

Saint-Cyr, Legrand Dunold Fils; Storm, Hugo; Heckelei, Thomas; Piet, Laurent: Heterogeneity And Spatial Interdependence In Farm Survival: Evidence From Brittany, Contributed paper

Zhang, Yinan; Heckelei, Thomas: Statistical Inference For Econometric Mathematical Programming Models, Contributed paper

Notes: In alphabetical order of first author, links to personal webpages only introduced for staff of our group.

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