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Curriculum Master of Agricultural and Food Economics (AFECO)



The master program covers the Compulsory modules with a total of 30 LP, the Electives with in in total 54 LP of which optionally other Electives of the study program of the faculty with a maximum total of 12 LP can be chosen. The compulsory Research Seminar with 6 LP and the Master Thesis covers a total of 30 LP.

(2) The first and second Term is mainly dedicated to the compulsory modules : Methods of Empirical Research, Microeconomics, Global Food and Markets, Decision Theory and Risk Management , and an Excursion.

(3) From the first Term on you have the possibility to choose your Electives to focus on a special Major Specification. In addition a minor specification may be obtained.


We advise to focus on a major specification (66LP) and by interest to add a minor specification (18LP) in the fields shown below.


  • A certain number of the "Electives" can be choosen freely, also from other master level study programs in the faculty of agriculture.
  • A research seminar will consists of a self-responsible literature survey on a defined topic, which will be defended by the candidate. This will strengthen the student’s ability to present his ideas in scientific discussions and help in preparing the content of the master thesis.


Courses Master of Agricultural and Food Economics (AFECO)

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