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Project Description

Soil erosion by water – Integration of an erosion indicator into the Regionalised Agricultural and
Environmental Information System for North Rhine-Westphalia (RAUMIS-NRW)

It is the objective of the research project to extend the application spectrum of RAUMIS-NRW by an area-wide indication of soil erosion by water. Thereby, the erosion indicator to be implemented shall ensure information gains compared to the status quo of the statewide erosion estimate carried out within the scope of the NRW Soil Information System. Such enhanced model system RAUMIS-NRW shall be placed at the disposal of statepolitical actors as a decision support tool in the field of agricultural soil protection.

The complex interplay between modern agriculture and the environmental medium soil accretively becomes a field of interest of policy makers. Indispensable i.a. in terms of overall planning at the different levels of public administration - but so far not existent - are area-wide soil protection indicators derived from local and regional data supporting sustainable development by permitting scientifically verified statements concerning the actual risk situation of soils as well as effect interrelations and cost-efficiency of alternative protection measures. For the domain of soil erosion by water, this research project will provide suchlike indicator. In doing so, a refinement of
the existing statewide estimate which is based on the Universal Soil Loss Equation for Germany (USLE-G) shall be realised to that effect that land use data of the different mapping levels of RAUMIS-NRW are taken into consideration within the C-factor of the USLE-G. In order to clarify information gains, results shall be systematically confronted and discussed. Closing the research project, the newly developed indicator will be exemplarily applied within a showcase simulation.

Start Date: 04/2002 End Date: 07/2004
Duration: 27 months Status: execution
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Karin Holm-Müller
Co-operation partners: Geologischer Dienst Krefeld, Forschungszentrum Jülich, Erftverband
Contact Person: Dipl.-Ing. agr. Christine Møller


  • Julius, C., Möller, C., Sieber, S. & B. Osterburg (2003): Indikatoren einer nachhaltigen Landwirtschaft im "Regionalisierten Agrar- und Umweltinformationssystem für die Bundesrepublik Deutschland" (RAUMIS). In: Modellgestützte Politikberatung in der Agrar- und Agrarumweltpolitik, Schwerpunktheft Agrarwirtschaft 52 Nr. 4, S. 185-194.

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